Why Should I Contract?

The Real Need For Contracting

Perhaps the most important step in becoming a new homeowner is deciding how to go about building your home.

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The steps involved in the construction process can be daunting. First, you must decide on the basics of your design from a world of possibilities, then you have to add into that mix such variables as building materials and processes for each phase of construction, considering cost and quality of both materials and labor.

Now, add to this licensing and permits, adherence to building codes and safety and liability issues during the construction phase, and you can see that you have a potentially overwhelming task before you. Many homeowners have started out on the road to self-contracting, only to find out later that they have really grabbed a mean tiger by the tail.

J.A. Wheeler & Associates has been down this road many times, and we know how to get your home built to your specifications both on schedule and on budget. Our many successful construction projects – built around St. Francisville, throughout West Feliciana Parish and the Baton Rouge area, attest to our knowledge, experience and proficiency in managing both residential and commercial construction projects.

Perhaps the most important step is not, after all, deciding how to build your home, but whom to entrust with that task. J.A. Wheeler & Associates has the experience, industry certification, and reputation to let you hand that job over to us with confidence.

The Problems With Self-contracting

Many new homeowners initially think that self-contracting their own home construction will save them money by “cutting out the middle man”. Too often this turns out to be the farthest thing from the truth.

The job of overseeing the building of a new home is much bigger than most realize, and requires a set of skills, knowledge and connections that very few people possess. Among all that you have to attend to, you must consider:

  • Financing
  • Lenders generally place financing restrictions on projects that are self-contracted. You may find that a smaller percentage of your building costs will be met by your lending institution if you self-contract your home’s construction.

  • Legal Requirements
  • The self-contractor is responsible for complying with all laws, regulations and permitting requirements involved in a construction job, and for seeing that all codes are met. Successfully wading through this sea of legal requirements is costly and time consuming, especially if you do not “know the ropes.” Failure to meet any one of the many requirements could result in costly fees, fines and delays that you will have to pay for. “I didn’t know” and “Nobody told me that” just won’t cut it with code enforcers.

  • Liability
  • As the contractor for your building project, you will ultimately be responsible for any third-party accidents or injuries that happen on your property during the construction. Vulnerability to lawsuits and liability costs exposes your future financial well being and the completion of your home to incalculable risks, and adequate insurance for an individual can be prohibitively expensive.

  • Dealing With Subcontractors
  • If you self-contract, you alone will be responsible for every aspect of your relationship with your subcontractors. Any problems or disputes that arise will be yours to resolve, potentially tying up time, financial resources and the completion of your project.

Let J.A. Wheeler Handle It For You.

Let J.A. Wheeler & Associates make your construction project as success!

J.A. Wheeler & Associates has dealt with these issues for years. We know how to navigate the maze of legal, licensing and permitting issues. We have the resources to see that your work is done well and safely. We have the insurance and bonding to assure that you will not face liability issues in the event of some unseen mishap.

Contact us to discuss your construction project and see how we can help you.